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Cal Holmwood
Full name Caleb Holmwood
Gender Male
Birth April 14, 1969
Age 37 (at time of death)
Death 2009/2010 (?)
Relatives Mary Chandler (wife)
Andrew Holmwood (son)
Jeremy Holmwood (father)
Ruth Morgan † (mother)
Michael Holmwood (brother)
Stephen Holmwood † (uncle)
for more, see: Holmwood family
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19 (former)
Rank Colonel (former)
Title Interim Director of Blacklight (former)
ID NS303, 34-D (former)
Status Deceased

Cal Holmwood was a Colonel of Department 19, and became Interim Director after Henry Seward was kidnapped by Valeri Rusmanov and Dracula.

Physical descriptionEdit

Cal wasn't very tall and wore clean, rimless glasses, looking more like an academic than a soldier. He talked quite politely and warmly at once.[1]


We can infer that Caleb was quite kind compared to most generals, having quite a lot of patience which Jamie drains from him.



Interim Director of BlacklightEdit

Battle at the ChâteauEdit


Jamie CarpenterEdit

His relationship with Jamie is awkward because he hates and likes him at the same time.

Paul TurnerEdit

His best friend.



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