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Danny Lawrence
Full name Danny Lawrence
Gender Male
Death 2010
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Military Information
Affiliation National Security Division 9
Status Deceased

Danny Lawrence was an Operator of National Security Division 9.

Physical descriptionEdit

Danny was a tall and broad-shouldered young man, who looked a bit like a farmer. He also had a loud voice.


He was a very loud and socially competent person.


Danny grew up in Virgina.


A Vampire in DreamlandEdit

Danny Lawrence was good friends with Larissa Kinley during her time at NS9. They worked together on multiple occasions.[1]


When Matt Browning came to NS9, Danny was apart of the operation "GARDEN OF EDEN." When Matt chased after Adam, Danny caught up to him just after Adam was hit by a truck. Danny attempted to save Matt when Richard Simmons, an operator of SAFEGUARD, took Matt hostage and attempted to steal the body matter from Adam. After Matt kills Simmons, they go back to NS9 to process the data.[2]

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Shadows in CarcassonneEdit

Danny was part of a squad sent in to Carcassonne to rescue people who were trapped after Dracula ordered them to leave or die. The helicopter that Danny was in got taken down, and he managed to jump out of the helicopter before it hit the ground. Everyone else was killed. He had a broken leg, laying on the floor in agony. Bob Allen radioed him, telling him to stay put as backup was on the way to help him. But Danny responded saying, "Don't send anyone. It will be too late," as vampires were emerging from the shadows. His final words were "Come on! If your coming, come on!" Then, he is killed by the vampires.[3]


Larissa KinleyEdit

Matt BrowningEdit

Bob AllenEdit



  • His parents work for the CIA.[exact citation needed]