Nobody's going to agree to this. You're asking people to give up their humanity.

—Jack to Paul Turner, Department 19: Darkest Night (chapter 33)

Jack Williams
Full name Jack Williams
Gender Male
Relatives Patrick Williams † (brother)
Military Information
Affiliation Department 19
Squad Squad F-7 (former)
Rank Captain
Lieutenant (former)
Status Alive

Jack Williams is a Lieutenant and later Captain of Department 19. He is also the younger brother of Patrick Williams.

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Great. There's definitely nothing more important I could be doing right now...

—Jack, sarcastically to Paul Turner, (chapter 33)

Jack Williams is described as "one of the finest young officers in the department."[citation needed]

Jack is a strong, cautious, laid-back yet serious young man. He often argues if he doesn't agree with something, even if it's to his superiors. Mostly, when out on operations he waits for the perfectly timed moment to strike, this often annoys his fellow comrades, as demonstrated at the fight in the shipyard when Angela Darcy and Jamie Carpenter disobey his orders to wait, calling it "stupid" to wait.[1][exact citation needed]

He is also shown to be professional and knows when to keep calm and act throughout stressful situations. He is an extremely good squad leader and people listen to him. When put in charge of an operation though, others normally steal the spotlight.



Shipyard FightEdit

Jack is put as squad leader in an operation to save at least 270 people from a boat that has just arrived at a shipyard, there are only seven vampires on the boat, which they are ordered to bring back alive.

Before the operation there is an argument that occurs between Shaun Turner and Jamie Carpenter, in which Jamie offers a formation plan and Shaun says that he will only take orders from Jack, starting the argument. Angela Darcy later steps in saying "Jack outranks Jamie,"[exact citation needed] ending the situation. Jack later agrees with Jamie's plan.

At the beginning of the operation Jack orders his squad mates to wait, this is him waiting until the perfect moment to strike, Jamie and Angela defy the order and say that it is "stupid to wait."[exact citation needed]

Searching for FrankensteinEdit

Jamie picked Jack as one of the members of the squad that goes to rescue Victor Frankenstein. During the mission, Jamie tells Jack that the situation is too personal for him to handle as squad leader and asks Jack to take his position in command, to which Jack instantly refuses.[1]


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