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Pete Randall
Full name Peter Randall
Gender Male
Relatives Annie Randall[1] † (wife)
Kate Randall (daughter)
Military Information
Status Alive

Pete Randall is the father of Kate Randall, and inhabitant of Lindisfarne.

Physical descriptionEdit


We can infer that Pete Randall is quite a clever man from the way he was suspicious of Greg and figured out that he was lying. We can also infer that he is quite kind from the ways he treated people.



Attack on LindisfarneEdit

When Alexandru Rusmanov attacks Lindisfarne with his vampire followers and takes over the island's monastery, one of his subordinates breaks into Pete and Kate Randall's home, but they manage to flee. Pete and Kate run for the boat Lady Diana to escape, but when Kate sees her best friend lying dead on the dock, she turns and runs back to the island. The boat leaves, and Pete believes Kate is dead. After, Department 19 arrives and defeats Alexandru. Kate joins Department 19, thinking that they will tell her father that she is alive.[2]

Meeting "North"Edit

After seeing Greg Browning's post on a vampire website, he makes his own post. The pair begin to chat on Skype, Pete going by the alias of "South" and Greg going by the name of "North." When they see Kevin McKenna's post on his blog, they go up to Reading to meet, and to meet Kevin.

Uncovering BlacklightEdit

When Blacklight defeat Albert Harker, Pete discovers that Kate is a member of Blacklight. The pair embrace, and Pete signs the Offical Secrets Act. Kate says goodbye, and Pete goes back to Lindisfarne.[3]

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Founding "SSL"Edit

Pete and Greg found SSL, a support line for anyone affected by the supernatural, whether they are vampires or humans. Pete becomes suspicious of Greg, after Greg refuses to distribute the Vampire Cure. Greg seems to be ignoring him and not listening to him. Pete follows Greg one night, and he sees him coming out of a pub with a group of men. He follows the group, and he discovers that Greg is a member of the Night Stalkers. Pete confronts him, and when Greg pulls out a gun, Pete runs. Pete gets shot in the shoulder, and he falls into a river. He is saved by council workers who give him CPR. Pete works out that Greg founded SSL to track down vampires. Pete is horrified at what he was apart of. Pete is transfered to the Loop, and he testifies to Department 19 that Greg is behind the Night Stalkers.[4]


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