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  • Stickman22

    Hello, It's Stickman22, sorry about the long wait, but I have been busy and I almost forgot my password, but I'm back ! I will be having one of my higher ranking members in this 'user blacklight' to run the blogs. So this could be my last blog of the month.

    I took a lot of thought in this, but overall the most in depth page was the blacklight page. I would suggest checking it out.

    I created a poll on the main page, it's who's your favorite? Vote for your favorite character now, poll ends august 8th.

    well, I had fun posting the monthly blogs, but I will annouce who the blogger will be!


    || {------Stake


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  • Stickman22

    Page Protection

    April 13, 2012 by Stickman22

    Okay, I've been sent a message by SpanishConqueror, a page was spammed. I will be naming a few people up to Admins, only to protect pages.



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  • Stickman22

    Hi, It's me, Stickman22, sorry about not posting the blog, I have been busy on

    • Any and all fanfiction will need to be transferred to the department 19 fanfiction wiki, I will put the link up on the main page soon.
    • SpanishConquerer has been named a Chat Moderator and a Rollback.

    • more than 10 edits
    • message on my talk page

    Department 19 (Blacklight)


    That's all for now!

    Lux E Tenebris,

    S T I C K M A N 2 2

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  • Stickman22

    Hey there! This is Stickman22, one of the Admins here on the Department 19 wiki. I will post these blogs regulary starting this month. The arrival of The Rising is getting closer. So, until the release, we will have this amazingly badass background.

    Happy Travels!

    Stickman22 21:48, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

    Jamie Carpenter

    Larrisa Kinley

    Kate Randall

    Yes, I know rules aren't usually for blogs or websites, but I have some standards

    1. No Flaming or Trolling

    1st time: ban 1 week

    2nd time: ban one month

    3rd time: banned indefinitely

    2. No heavy Swearing on the wiki pages

    1st offense:ban one month

    1. same as for wiki rule 1

    2. Keep it PG-13

    Stickman22 21:48, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

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